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263 Art Studio Tour Sites Map, July 15, 16 2023

The 2023 map and location information will be updated as Artist confirm 2023 Tour participation

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Site / Artists Information

Site 1

Gerald Regnitter, Woodworker and Golden Aspen Pottery by Carol Leybourne and Dennis Henry

Located at Friendly Forest, 3.6 km North of Hwy 2 / 263 Junction.


Site 2

Leslie Blacklock, Painter

Located 3.5 km West of Christopher Lake Village, left at Spruce Meadows. Go to end of the road and then left; first right. Arrive at # 116 Aspen Crescent.



Site 3

Tom Laxdal, Knife Maker

Located: Starting at Hwy 263 / 953 Junction, 10 km along Hwy 953 to McPhail Cove. Along Alleyne Ave to Tom's Studio at 104.



Site 4

Summer's Past Garden Spirits by Leisjea Horseman and Diana VanBreugel, Paverpol Statuettes

Located at 115 Southshore Dr. Two doors West of Ambrose / Co-op Grocery


Site 5

Sharon Miller, Painter

Located: Starting at Hwy 263 / 953 Junction, North on 953, turn onto Ambrose Drive. At the stop sign just past Ambrose / Coop Grocery, turn right toward Emma Lake. At the Y, go left along Lakeshore Drive to cabin # 125 (second cabin on left)


Site 6

Brent Fellner, Multi-media Artist, Jeannette Lussier, Multi-media Artist, and Loretta Ratti-Brost, Glass Artist

Location: Approach from Hwy 263 along Cuelenaere Dr. to Southshore Dr. to 5th St., then North toward the beach to Green cabin at # 21, or from Ambrose Dr, off Hwy 953 to Southshore Dr. and then to 5th St.


Site 7

Dorothy MacPhedran, Potter

Location: From Hwy 263 to Hwy 952, use South or North access to Carwin Park Drive to 201 Carwin Park Dr.


Site 8

Mary Guenther, Painter and Willow Furniture Maker

Location: From Hwy 263 to Hwy 952, use South or North access to Carwin Park Drive to 269 Carwin Park Dr.


Site 9

Gail Carlson, Potter

Location: From Hwy 263, turn onto Hwy 952 and follow Northward and turn right into McIntosh Point. First left, third cabin.


Site 10

Jerome Mrazek, Painter

Location: On Hwy 952 turn right to Murray Point. Go past the entrance to the Provincial Campground. Take the first left onto Bedford St. Take an immediate right onto Kaldor Ave. At the next corner is 301 Jarvis St.


Site 11

Leslie Tuchek, Potter, and Teresa Kowalik, Glass Artist

Location: West of Christopher Lake Village along Hwy 263 to find Tweedsmuir Hall at the SW corner of junction of Hwy 263 and Okema Beach Road


Site 12

All in the Wild Gallery with Jason Leo Bantle, Photographer

Located: Next door to Prince Albert National Park, 18 km West along Hwy 263 from Hwy 2 / 263 Junction.


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