Vikings didn’t try to get Nabers, don’t trade Justin Jefferson

A crazy, hard-to-believe rumor recently made the rounds on the internet, but as is usually the case, it turns out there’s nothing to it. It was rumored that the Vikings tried to trade for LSU wide receiver Malik Nabers during last month’s draft — and that if they had been successful, they would have traded Justin Jefferson. It came from Pioneer Press columnist Charley Walters and was seconded by ProFootballTalk’s Mike Florio. SI’s Conor Orr even wrote about it, while acknowledging that he wasn’t sure it was true.

Thanks to ESPN’s Kevin Seifert, we now know that this “story” was never really a story. “This rumor has been making the rounds, and while it is juicy, the Vikings did not attempt to make a trade and sign WR Malik Nabers last month,” Seifert tweeted. “Great player, but the Vikings have a better player in Justin Jefferson. Still working on adding to Jefferson and no interest in trading him.”

This never made any sense at first. The Vikings needed a quarterback, which they got when they selected JJ McCarthy with the tenth overall pick. They have made it very clear that they want to expand Jefferson and have him remain the face of their franchise for many years to come. They also drafted Jordan Addison in the first round last year to complement Jefferson and perhaps give them insurance against a worst-case outcome where they can’t get by with their best player.

The Internet rumor mill is a strange place, and it’s important to always consider the sources and use critical thinking and common sense when evaluating things like this. There will be more bizarre Jefferson rumors and talking points to come until a deal is finally done, but at this point there’s still no legitimate reason to believe the Vikings and Jefferson won’t reach an agreement sometime this summer.

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