Indiana Fever Forward raves about Caitlin Clark’s exceptional vision and claims she sees plays before they happen

Caitlin Clark’s meteoric but sustained rise has turned her into a once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon. Unsurprisingly, over time the spotlight has also shifted to some exceptional aspects of its gameplay. Recently, her on-court vision became the center of attention in the WNBA when her Indiana Fever teammate, Temi Fagbenle, publicly raved about it.

During the final press conference after training, Fagbenle said: “She’s a great passer. So she’ll always pass it on when I’m open. I know… We haven’t practiced together much yet, but the connection is just there… I’ve only had a few point guards like that, who just see the play before it happens.” (per Link points‘Matthew Byrne on X).

This brought out two of Clark’s seriously underrated qualities: her skills in reading games and teamwork. As a result, the 22-year-old probably didn’t wait for anyone to tell her what to do on a WNBA floor. She took charge of the situation independently and led the team from the front by relying on her abilities.

This should come as no surprise to her devotees. During her college days with the Iowa Hawkeyes, Clark had done the exact same thing repeatedly. For example, during a game against the Indiana Hoosiers last year, the youngster stood out with a decisive full-court pass moments after securing an offensive rebound.

She has been developing these skills for years solely to involve her teammates in the plays and get the best out of them. However, the Fever roster has continually struggled to adapt to Clark’s current wavelength. Amid these issues, the youngster urged her team to maintain faith in the ongoing process.

Can Caitlin Clark turn things around?

As the team’s point guard, Clark can direct plays however she wants. So far, this has acted as a double-edged sword for the Fever. The implementation of her ideas has sometimes led to special sequences. But more often than not, those have also surprised her teammates, disrupting their momentum.

This has become a major focus for the franchise early in her WNBA career. That’s why Clark discussed this publicly almost a month ago, with the focus squarely on preparation. “The best way to learn is to just try and if you make a mistake, just keep doing it… You will discover that chemistry as you continue to play together more,” she said.

These early problems did not dent Clark’s confidence. As a result, she continues to rely on her methods to this day. Interestingly, the rest of the roster has recently started to respond well to the process and has aligned itself with the newcomer’s views over time.

The team must also focus on winning games. With a disappointing record of 1-7, they are already stuck in the penultimate spot on the WNBA table. Furthermore, the Fever were outplayed in most of these clashes, raising questions about their capabilities.

Time is running out for them to turn things around. As a result, all eyes are now on Clark as fans expect her to spearhead the revival of the franchise.

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