Century-old home in Norwell hit by pickup – NBC Boston

A pickup truck smashed through the wall of a house in Norwell, Massachusetts.

Fortunately, Cara Sacchetti and her fiancé, Brandon Hall, were not home when the accident happened Tuesday.

“This is pretty heartbreaking,” Sacchetti said. “It’s a historic house. I bought it three years ago, it’s going to be hard to keep it looking the way it did.”

The driver was trapped in the truck but was conscious and alert when first responders arrived.

“It’s just amazing how it could be hit from this angle,” Hall said. “The trajectory of the car, the man must have been completely crazy, so my first reaction was I was very furious.”

There is extensive damage to the house, which dates from the early 18th century.

“Our wedding is in three weeks,” Hall said. “So we had people coming here to stay with us, people coming from out of town, I’m from the south so we have a lot of family and friends coming in so this is just a big stress to have to deal with right before another very stressful time in your life.”

The couple plans to rebuild.

“I was very proud of this house,” Sacchetti said. “I really wanted to buy an antique house, this is what I was looking for. It was my dream house, so the fact that it was destroyed like that is heartbreaking.”

The driver was taken to hospital.

Police have not said why he lost control of the vehicle or whether charges will be filed against him.

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