What will June bring? – Sun Watcher

The heat, humidity and hot ocean temperatures hit South Florida hard in May, and the National Weather Service confirmed Saturday what most residents already knew: 2024 broke all records for the warmest May in South Florida.

What can we expect in June? Will Florida maintain its May ranking as second in the U.S. for 911 emergency calls for heat-related illnesses?

With scattered showers over the weekend, the first week of June in South Florida should bring some relief from the record-breaking heat and lower the risk of heat-related illness. Extreme heat can lead to heat stroke, heat cramps, heat exhaustion, dehydration and even death.

Pleasant temperatures in South Florida are expected to remain below 100 degrees this week, making it more comfortable and less harmful to health for most people to exercise outdoors or simply take a walk on the beach. Staying hydrated remains important for everyone, but even more so for those with health conditions such as asthma or heart disease.

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