Several injured when monster truck named ‘Crushstation’ hit power line

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Several spectators were injured Saturday at a monster truck show in Maine when a jumping vehicle called “Crushstation” struck a power line and dragged down poles containing live wires on top of the crowd.

Shocking video from the Topsham Fairgrounds shows the moment the truck races down the runway and becomes airborne after hitting a ramp, according to News Center Main.

Spectators barely had a moment to marvel at the flying metal lobster when the truck hit a power line above the ring.

Electricity poles, power lines and transformers crashed into spectators at a monster truck show in Maine on Saturday. Maine News Center via Travis Oullette
Crushstation’s monster truck caught an electrical wire during a jump causing the destruction. Maine News Center via Travis Oullette

The force caused the power poles connected to the line to collapse on them as they ran away from the falling trees, power lines and transformers.

A man could be seen falling to the ground after one of the poles broken in half appeared to hit him.

The live wires sent down also nearly wrapped themselves around the neck of a little boy who was being carried by an adult, who was somehow able to avoid the danger with the child in tow.

Several people could also be seen pulling away a man in a wheelchair and a small child, who were just a few feet away from the falling wires.

The lobster-themed truck performed this weekend during the Renegade Monster Truck Tour. Topsham Police Station
One of the utility poles broke in half and appeared to hit a man watching the show. Topsham Police Station

Topsham Police said several people suffered minor injuries as a result of the incident, with two of the injured people taken to a local hospital for treatment.

The driver of the Crushstation monster truck was not among the injured.

According to police, the investigation into the accident is still ongoing.

Saturday’s show was part of a two-day event organized by the Renegade Monster Truck Tour.

Promoters of the show did not immediately respond to The Post’s request for comment.

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