Kidney recipient grateful after five years of struggle for survival

The son of a Birmingham police detective is thanking God after receiving a life-saving kidney transplant.

Jayden Green’s father appealed to the masses after hearing his 20-year-old son would need a kidney. He underwent daily dialysis in his battle against the chronic kidney disease IgA nephropathy.

His father, Mark Green, worked for years as a homicide detective and tried to help others, but he couldn’t help his son. He desperately appealed to the public for a living donor to save his son’s life.

Jayden battled his condition for five years and was on the transplant list for two months when a kidney finally became available. A month after surgery, Jayden Green said that while there have been challenges, he feels good and is grateful to God and his donor.

“I never thought I would experience anything like this in my life, but all I can say is that God has truly blessed me,” Jayden wrote on Facebook. “I was only on the transplant list for two months and then I was told to go to the hospital to find out they had a (perfect) match. I wish I could thank the man who helped me in the most perfect way, but unfortunately he was not a living donor, but if he were alive I would thank him every day.

Surprisingly, Jayden did so well that his doctor gave him the green light to go on a beach vacation. Even though he can’t get in the water, he says it’s better to be on the beach than to be in a hospital room or stuck in his room all day.

He thanked all his supporters and those who prayed for his healing.

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