Trump’s own biographer is spreading inside information about the ex-president’s prison concerns

Donald Trump has suggested he is not worried about going to jail after being convicted of 34 crimes in New York, but those close to him are reportedly undermining that claim.

Tim O’Brien, who spent enormous amounts of time with Trump before writing TrumpNation: the art of being the Donald, appeared on MSNBC on Sunday to discuss Trump’s current legal affairs. That comes just days after the former president was found guilty by a jury of his colleagues in connection with a hush-money cover-up scheme aimed at undermining the 2016 election.

The host noted Trump’s claim that he is fine with going to jail, and asked O’Brien what the ex-president is trying to “project” with that claim.

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“I think there are two things we need to unpack,” O’Brien said. “First of all, he doesn’t actually feel comfortable going to prison. That’s just bravado.”

He said he has “spoken to Trump associates” who said Trump “doesn’t want to serve time.”

“And that all these procedures are weighing heavily on him,” O’Brien added.

“And don’t forget that there may be more criminal trials waiting for him. So further trials, the threat of prison time, is very much present for him at this point. And I think he’s putting on a brave face for the sake of the reporters and his ego. But I don’t think he’s completely comfortable with it.”

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