Federal officials praise funding for fish passage in La Plata County – The #Durango Herald – Coyote Gulch

Click on the link to read the article on The Durango Herald website (Reuben M. Schafir). Here’s an excerpt:

May 12, 2024

Fish native to the Colorado River Basin evolved in a highly connected network of streams, explains CPW aquatic biologist Jim White. Fish swim into smaller streams like Cherry Creek to spawn, before the larvae drift back to larger bodies like the La Plata River. That interconnected network has been cut by roads that run over culverts that were not designed with fish in mind… With $702,000 in federal funding, contractors will remove a standard 60-foot steel culvert pipe in Cherry Creek and replace it with a “box.” culvert.” The new passage will allow for a more natural streambed and provide upstream access to approximately 20 miles of habitat for chub, bluehead sucker and flannelmouth sucker.

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