Illinois city has among most mispronounced names in the country

I admit there are a few cities and towns in Illinois that I have a hard time pronouncing. Like Pecatonica, Cairo, and Shabbona, but none of those cities are on the list of most mispronounced names in the country.

When I saw this I thought, this is easy, how can you mispronounce this city, but apparently people do. According to Best Life Online, Decatur, Illinois is one of the most mispronounced cities in the US. They say people say “Deck-ah-ter” not Dee-kay-tur.

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Okay, I can see this for us who live in Illinois, we’re probably scratching our heads because I think there are other cities and towns that are even harder to say than Decatur, but we live here so I think it’s easier for us. They also go on to say,

the state of Illinois, which some unfortunately pronounce with the “s” sound at the end. (It’s “Ill-ah-noy.”)

Personally, it’s not the pronunciation that bothers me, it’s the spelling. I always put the “a” after the “t”. Why aren’t Pecatonica, Cairo, and Shabbona on the list? I don’t know, but Illinois certainly has towns that are hard to pronounce and hard to spell. Makes you wonder what people were thinking when they named towns and villages in the Land of Lincoln.

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