Plant Boutique offers a plant paradise for the local population

Plant shop

MARYLAND – Many residents love plants and some even try to grow their own.

Leann Marriner of Delmarva Home Grown says she and her husband Mitch are on a mission to support home gardeners and plant enthusiasts, including those who want to grow cannabis. They do this by providing expert guidance, quality supplies, and education to help people achieve their gardening goals.

Marriner says that while there are other plant shops in the area, there are none quite like this one. “Well, we’re the only Plant Boutique in Wicomico County, we offer cannabis growing supplies and a variety of different tropical plants, and we have a terrarium bar… We have a how-to on how to fill the terrarium. And we have a bunch of goodies that you can decorate it with and it’s just a fun therapeutic way to build a centerpiece for your dinner table.”

She tells us that many people come just to relax, relieve pressure and enjoy the plant therapy. Delmarva Home Grown invites the community to come and see what they have to offer.

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