‘Jets need to be cooled down’: Clerk praised for sharing ‘serious issues’ with Biden dumping

A Michigan county clerk won praise from Democrats on Wednesday for her clear-eyed vision of the biggest challenges the party would face if it voted to keep President Joe Biden off the ballot.

Several Democratic lawmakers have publicly called for Biden to resign, including Rep. Adam Smith of Washington and most recently Sen. Peter Welch of Vermont.

Barb Byrum, Ingham County clerk and former Michigan state legislator, shared her thoughts on X for “anyone calling for a change of candidacy in the presidential race”: Not so fast.

Byrum asked Democrats calling for change to realize that election administrators “are going to have serious problems with this.”

And her home state wouldn’t even have the “worst problems,” Byrum added, even with the state law requiring a major party’s presidential and vice presidential nominees to be certified by the state within one business day of that party’s national or state convention, whichever is later.

Democrats plan to hold their national convention from Aug. 19 to 22, and Michigan’s state convention on Aug. 24. That would push the deadline in her state to Aug. 26, she said.

Ballots for military personnel and overseas voters must be mailed by Sept. 21, she said, and mail-in ballots must be available to Michigan voters by Sept. 26, according to state law.

And that’s a logistical challenge that’s not unique to Michigan.

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“Each state has different statutory deadlines for ballot access and mailing in ballots, so we have to identify those dates and requirements 50 times,” Byrum wrote, adding that her “cursory knowledge of other states indicates that for some states, that deadline may have already passed, or may be VERY soon.”

And if Democrats switch gears and follow state-by-state rules, they would “almost certainly see lawsuits filed quickly and frequently” in numerous states, she said. That could “slow down and derail” the preparation of ballots by local election offices — and any delay threatens legal deadlines.

“Essentially, the efforts to prepare for the election should be put on hold,” Byrum said. “That’s not good in the election world.”

In addition, the election equipment is extensively and lengthily tested after the ballot is produced.

“So Democrats need to understand the implications of the actions that some are talking about,” she said. “This could extend far beyond the presidential election and cast a shadow over the election.”

Not to mention that one of the candidates is already known for sowing doubt about the legitimacy of elections. Such a move and the subsequent fallout would give MAGA and its leader “even more ammunition” and an opportunity to “further undermine public confidence in our electoral process.”

“And I won’t tolerate that,” she said.

Byrum’s post was read more than 26,000 times on X and generated hundreds of comments, mostly from voters thanking her for clearly laying out the procedural downsides of abandoning Biden.

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