US special envoy expresses concern over Iran’s threats to protesters worldwide

US Deputy Special Envoy to Iran Abram Paley has expressed concern about supporters of the Iranian government attacking peaceful protesters demonstrating against the regime around the world.

“Freedom of peaceful assembly and expression are essential human rights, and attempts to silence these voices are unacceptable.”

On Tuesday, a US court issued a temporary injunction against Ramezan Soltan-Mohammadi, an employee of the Islamic Republic’s interests section in Washington DC. Soltan-Mohammadi was caught on video making death threats to Iranian protesters during a May 22 rally outside a memorial service for Raisi in Maryland.

The court’s order prohibits him from making any contact with, threatening or approaching the protesters’ homes and workplaces, as reported by the National Solidarity Group for Iran.

In another event, an Iranian protester suffered a serious spinal cord injury after an attack by Islamic Republic loyalists in London on Friday. The attack, which targeted a group of Iranian dissidents celebrating the death of Ebrahim Raisi outside a community center run by regime loyalists, resulted in injuries to at least four people.

The attack has drawn widespread condemnation from political activists and opposition figures, such as Iran’s exiled Prince Reza Pahlavi. He condemned the violence, noting that Iranian protesters face threats both nationally and internationally, and called for the immediate arrest and trial of those responsible for the attack.

Prominent activist Masih Alinejad, himself a victim of assassination attempts by regime agents, criticized the British government for its negligence towards Iran, urging authorities to act decisively against such attacks.

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