Shreveport football coaches evaluate spring training – Vol. 1


Most football teams in Northwest Louisiana held spring practices and/or spring games. Find out what some of them had to say about their team’s progress in this first of two stories.


“I thought we could solidify a few spots on both sides of the ball while our No. 1s continued to play and compete at a high level. A lot of young guys had good resources and will push for playing time in the fall.” – Coach Justin Scogin

Bent over

“We have some work to do at some skill positions on offense, but there is a lot of potential there. Our defense needs to be ahead of where we have been at this point in the past. We feel like we as a whole are stronger and faster at this point in the year than we have been in a long time.” – Coach Reynolds Moore


“We feel that there has been improvement in many places, but in others we still have some work to do. Our seniors led a successful offseason and helped us have a productive spring. Quarterback Quan Scott had a great spring and did well leading our offense. Senior skill players Caleb Jones and Randy Robinson looked good. Safety Denzel Kirkendoll has played a lot for us. Center Caden Williams and TE/DE Matteo Guerrero played very well, and linebacker Derek Haynes made a lot of plays. We are happy with our new first-years who have done well.” –Coach Gary Smith

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“Overall I was pleased with our spring. We’ve got some young guys that can play, and we’ve been giving them some reps with some of the older guys. I was pleased with our defensive line, linebackers and offensive backfield. We have some work to do on the offensive line and in the secondary.” Coach Stacy Ballew


“We will be very solid, both in attack and in defense. We need to figure out a few spots in the defense. This team has great potential. Lots of young children. We have 29 new freshmen, a very large class. A lot of young linemen have really made progress.” – Coach Rodney Guin

Captain Shreve

On the scrimmage with Ruston: “I thought we played overall physical against a program known for their physical style of football. We had some solid individual efforts in terms of play, but were unable to execute at the level you need to have as a group to beat an opponent as well coached as coach’s teams ( Jerrod) Baugh. We had an opportunity to get into the end zone during the live quarter, but it was called back due to a holding call that we simply can’t let happen. We played well defensively. Get a lot of team speed on that side of the ball.” – Coach Jeremy Wilburn


“I am so happy with the work ethic of this group. They are following in the footsteps of that great group of seniors. I also love the speed of this team. We had to replace three sprinters at wideout, so the speed is encouraging. We are also continuing the defense, which is a good sign. We were only together for seven days, so we still have a lot of work to do.” − Coach Denny Duron

Green Oak

“I was really impressed by the commitment and enthusiasm of the boys this spring. With a lot of position battles we really had to gauge where we are going in the fall. We will definitely be ready to line up and compete.” – Coach James Bradford Jr.


“We have a lot of young guys and a lot of sophomores playing. That’s good and bad. Our freshmen only lost one game last year. Sophomore quarterback Taylor Weathersby, who started against Southwood, performed well in the spring. Senior Gus Beaty on the defensive line had a good spring, as did linebacker Harley Ingram and defensive back Austin Walton. Offensively, Pooh Davis and Brogen Dodd were good. We just have to keep doing what has always worked for us. There is no point in changing something for the better.” –Coach Matthew Sewell


“We have to get faster and stronger and develop more depth. But I’m sure everyone would say that.” – Coach David Franklin

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