‘Christ the Redeemer’ image transports Rob from Kilsrcon to Rio de Janeiro

‘Christ the Redeemer’ greets the Kingdom. Photo taken in Kilsarcon cemetery by Robert McGuire.
Christ the Redeemer inside Rio de Janeiro which one was the trigger for Rob McGuire’s flash of inspiration upon seeing the sunset from Kilcarcon cemetery.

We set out this morning with a remarkable photo taken at the other end of the day and I’ll let the photographer explain its obvious benefits.

“Coincidentally I took this unique photo in Kilsarcon, between Currow and Scartaglen. The sunset resembles the infamous statue of Christ the Redeemer in Brazil.

“Some people might think I have too active an imagination. Nevertheless, it is a beautiful photo.

“Given the deaths of so many important Castleisland people in recent weeks, I thought it might be nice to publish it,” – Robert McGuire, Currow.

Hanging out in cemeteries is not a little strange for Robert, as he is a leading archaeologist and the man who brought the story of our beloved castle continues to be brought to the attention of a global audience through excerpts from his video documentary.

As an added bonus to the photo, Rob also applied his field of expertise and gave us the historical background of the cemetery in question:

Kilsarkon Church and Cemetery

The site of Kilsarkon Church and Cemetery has witnessed countless sunsets throughout its long and enduring past. I was lucky enough to capture this beautiful sunset recently. The dramatic sunset bears a striking resemblance to the infamous statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro.

Based on place name evidence it is likely that the first church at Kilsarcon (cell/church of Sarcon) was founded by a respected Christian named Sarcon.

Archaeological evidence shows that the site has undergone several phases of occupation over time, from the Early Christian era (400-800 AD) to the Medieval period (1150-1550 AD).

The location of Kilsarcon Church is a unique, picturesque and special place. The area is immersed in archaeological sites, history and folklore.

Given the legacy of Christian devotion and worship here, it is perhaps fitting that such a “Christ the Redeemer-like” likeness was observed in the place.

May the ‘Church of Sarcon’ continue to witness such sunsets for a long time to come.”

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