10 Fragrances to Wear in Massachusetts That Mosquitoes Hate

Massachusetts is experiencing warm weather as the unofficial start of summer kicked off this past holiday weekend. Warm weather means more outdoor activities and gardening.

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One thing I hate is being eaten alive by mosquitoes when I mow my lawn. The task itself is fine, but being chased by those pesky, poisonous insects is enough to drive anyone up the wall. It doesn’t seem to matter what time of day I mow the lawn, there are always mosquitoes ready to turn me into their lunch.

THere are some scents you may want to wear outside to keep mosquitoes away

There are a few scents you can wear when you spend time outdoors as they should keep mosquitoes at bay. All these scents are available as oils. If you have skin allergies, make sure you are not allergic to a specific fragrance or oil before applying it to your skin. The good news is that if you’re allergic to one scent, there are plenty of others to choose from.

10 Fragrances You Should Wear If You Want To Keep Mosquitoes Away

These 10 scents keep mosquitoes off your body when you’re outside. The following list includes all oils, but you may find some of these fragrances in other forms that you can apply to your skin.

I already have some peppermint oil at home, so I’ll apply it to my skin the next time I mow my lawn. No matter where you live in Massachusetts, whether it’s Boston, Worcester, Springfield or anywhere else in the Bay State, you’ll likely come into contact with mosquitoes this summer. You might as well try one of these scents (as long as you’re not allergic) and make your summer a little more enjoyable.

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