Weather continues to limit field work in Iowa

Severe weather this past week limited farmers in northwest Iowa and statewide to just 2.3 days suitable for field work.

According to the USDA Crop Progress Report, corn and soybean plantings in Iowa, as well as hay cutting, were limited.

Corn plantings reached 88 percent statewide, with 66 percent emerging. 89 percent of northwest Iowa’s corn has been planted and 65 percent has emerged. The first corn condition assessment of the season shows 73 percent considered good to excellent.

73 percent of Iowa’s projected soybean crop has been planted, which is 10 days behind last year and three days behind the five-year average. 67 percent of soybeans in northwest Iowa have been planted. Statewide soybean emergence reached 42 percent, which is five days lower than last year. 38 percent of northwest Iowa’s soybeans have emerged.

Only two percent of topsoil in northwest Iowa is moisture deficient, with 60 percent sufficient and 38 percent surplus. Only four percent of the subsoil in northwest Iowa is moisture deficient, with 72 percent sufficient and 24 percent surplus.

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