Deion Sanders says FSU should have been in the Playoff at the Colorado Team Meeting

Former Florida State football star, NFL Hall of Famer, and current head coach of the Colorado Buffaloes, Deion Sanders, provided an interesting look at the schools’ draftees from the most recent edition of the College Football Playoff (CFP). In this list, he included Florida State and said the Seminoles “should have been in the Playoff.”

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This statement comes six months after coach Sanders said the decision to leave FSU out of the Playoff was simply “business.”

“Unfortunately, it comes down to a number of things,” Sanders told Newsweek in early December. “And you’re talking about Alabama not being in the College Football Playoff after beating the No. 1 team in college football that has been the No. 1 team all season?”

“You’re not going to leave (Alabama coach) Nick Saban out of the College Football Playoffs. You can forget that. You might as well be fighting something else. You’d rather argue with Texas or someone like that. And you have to understand that these are all big-market teams except Washington. So your fight would be with Washington, but they are also undefeated.”

While these statements aren’t necessarily contradictory, Sanders’ recent comments appear to somewhat defend his former school for the first time in… a while. For example, in August 2023, “Primetime” claimed that he is not, in fact, a Seminole, as he is a graduate of Talladega College – an HBCU in Alabama.

Sanders played four years at FSU and was a two-time All-American. His number has been revoked by the school.

Anyway, during a team meeting with the Buffaloes, Coach Sanders shared with his players the secret to improving your draft stock: winning games.

“Players drafted, Playoff teams right? … Florida State should have been in the Playoff, but it wasn’t, undefeated season, 10 players drafted. Winners want winners. That doesn’t mean these are the best players. But if you have a program that wins, they tend to attract things. Okay, so if you want to be one of these winners, all you have to do is win.

Perhaps the smallest olive branch reaches from the mountains of Boulder to the seven hills of Tallahassee.

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