GLAAD and GROUND Media Launch “Here We Are” to Amplify Transgender Voices Nationwide


GLAAD, the world’s largest LGBTQ nonprofit media advocacy organization, and GROUND Media, an award-winning strategic storytelling studio, have launched “Here We Are.”

“… 71% of Americans say they have never met someone who is transgender …”

‘Here We Are’ is a groundbreaking video campaign that spotlights real stories of transgender people. This initiative comes at a crucial time, as 71% of Americans say they have never met someone who is transgender, while anti-transgender rhetoric from politicians and media is increasing.

‘Here We Are’ aims to combat misinformation, increase the visibility of transgender people and advocate for the rights of transgender people to live without discrimination. The campaign kicks off with six 60-second video vignettes featuring three transgender adults – Gio, Nadya and Ashton – alongside their supportive families.

Gio is a 38-year-old United States Air Force veteran and community advocate. Nadya, 19, is a student with a passion for performing arts and fashion design. Ashton, 32, is an LGBTQ advocate, speaker and consultant. Their stories will be showcased on the immersive website, supported by national LGBTQ advocacy groups. The campaign will also air nationally, focusing on states with significant anti-LGBTQ legislation.

Research from GLAAD shows that 71% of Americans believe they have never met a transgender person. This campaign aims to bridge that gap and promote understanding and acceptance. An April 2024 GLAAD poll found that a majority of voters oppose candidates who limit the rights of transgender people, emphasizing that health care decisions for transgender youth should involve parents.

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GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis underscores the importance of the campaign and emphasizes the need for authentic transgender stories in light of growing anti-trans rhetoric. GROUND Media founder and creative director David Rochkind praises the impact of sharing personal stories to create a safer environment for the transgender community.

“…transgender people are real and deserve to live safely and authentically.”

Transgender Advocacy Consultant Shane Diamond emphasizes the power of storytelling in changing perceptions, hoping this campaign will help more Americans get to know transgender individuals. ‘Here We Are’ wants to show that transgender people are real and deserve to live safely and authentically.

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GLAAD is reshaping the narrative for LGBTQ acceptance and tackling tough issues to create cultural change.

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GROUND Media combines science and storytelling to help mission-driven organizations use video to create impactful storytelling strategies.

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Photo credit: GROUND Media.

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