Aidan Downey of Georgia wins the 2024 Callahan Award

The Georgia star becomes the first player in his school’s history to win the Callahan

Aidan Downey (center) of Georgia wins the 2024 Callahan Award. Photo: Sam Hotaling –

Georgia’s Aidan Downey was named the 2024 Callahan Award winner during Sunday night’s Nationals semifinals. He becomes the first winner in the history of the Georgia Jojah program.

Downey’s name has been known since he was a youth player, leading Grady to win the 2018 High School National Invitation and playing with the Atlanta ATLiens who were co-champions at the 2019 Youth Club Championships. His creative throws, explosive layouts, towering skies and infectious spirit carried contributed to Georgia’s annual success at the Nationals and their Spirit Award victories in 2021 and 2023. He was also a member of the Atlanta Chain Lightning team that reached the quarterfinals at the 2022 Club Championships and the USA Mixed U24 team away 2023 that won a gold medal in England.

Even since those early days, Downey’s flair has helped bring attention to his talent. A daring thrower, he plays with immense joy, often decked out in unique attire that has become part of his signature. Georgia’s prominence in the men’s division has benefited from his starting presence, scoring 34 goals and 33 assists during his four trips to Nationals with Jojah, and earning Ultiworld All-Region selections in each of the past three seasons.

Downey’s Callahan video has over 18,000 views and is the second most viewed men’s video of the 2024 Callahan season. Watch it below:

Aidan Downey Callahan Video

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