Illinois woman gets one year for neglect for driving slowly – Chicago Tribune

An Illinois woman was sentenced Tuesday to a year in prison in a neglect case in which East Chicago officers stopped her for driving slowly without headlights and found Xanax and marijuana in the minivan.

Mariah White, now 23, of Bridgeview, Illinois, pleaded guilty April 8 to two counts of Level 6 felony neglect, court records show.

Two small children, ages 5 and 3, were without a car seat or wearing seat belts, court documents allege. Their mother later picked them up from the police station.

Whiting Police advised East Chicago on April 26, 2021 around 9:00 PM that a minivan was traveling extremely slowly south on Indianapolis Boulevard.

White drove through three intersections after East Chicago officers tried to pull her over. Other cars had to “stop erratically” to avoid hitting her, the affidavit said.

White turned west on 149th Street before stopping. Two police officers got out and approached from both sides. When she tried to take off again, an officer reached inside and put the minivan in park, the complaint states.

White appeared “confused” when police found marijuana on the console and a box labeled “Xanax” containing pills in the van, documents allege.

“Yes, I smoked a little weed and took two Xanax, but that was four hours ago,” she told police, according to the probable cause affidavit.
White said she had a prescription for the pills, but police did not find it, they wrote.

Deputy Prosecutor Cole Galloway was assigned. Attorney Kirk Marrie represented White.

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