My post takes a tour of Maine

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For another example of why the US Postal Service needs a major change in leadership, look no further than the tracking history of a package I’ve been waiting for. The package was shipped from Winterport to Exeter, a distance of only 25 miles. The post office has had the package since 4:31 PM on May 22. On May 25, the post office still couldn’t tell me when I would receive the package, or where exactly it was.

The small team at our local post office are amazing and represent the backbone of what is good about local post offices. However, when restructuring decisions are made that may remove existing resources, such as some operations at the Hampden processing facility, from the list of those allowed to process packages, Mainers may be left looking into empty mailboxes.

And it looks like my five-pound package is now on tour in Maine.

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