Delaware removes ‘qualifying conditions’ for medical cannabis

The measure also allows seniors over 65 to self-certify as medical marijuana patients and adds reciprocity.

Delaware Governor John Carney signed a law this week that would allow virtually any patient to obtain a doctor’s note for medical marijuana. to NORMAL.

The move essentially opens Delaware’s marijuana market to all adults willing to put in the effort to obtain a doctor’s recommendation, and the policy change comes months ahead of the expected launch of the recreational marijuana market, scheduled for next year.

The measure, House Bill 285, also allows seniors over the age of 65 to self-certify as medical marijuana patients without seeing a doctor and establishes a reciprocity policy that allows registered medical cannabis patients from other states to purchase from Delaware dispensaries.

Lists of qualifying conditions were common in the early days of legal medical marijuana, adopted by state-level policy makers who wanted to ensure that access to cannabis was limited to those who truly needed its therapeutic value, as opposed to those who wanted it recreationally to use. But such approaches have slowly fallen out of fashion as more states have embraced adult use in recent years.

Delaware’s policy change could be a major boon to the 12 medical cannabis dispensaries already doing business in the state, expanding the patient pool from the 29,000 registrants since last year to all of the state’s approximately 775,000 adults and medical cannabis tourists.

Meanwhile, state lawmakers continue to work to ramp up adult-use cannabis sales, which was just approved by the Legislature last year. making it one of the newest full-fledged marijuana markets on the East Coast.

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