Katie Windham from Oklahoma City on the Joe Gaither Show

The Alabama Crimson Tide softball program makes its 15th appearance in the Women’s College World Series this week. “The Joe Gaither Show” is joined by Katie Windham of BamaCentral who made the trip to Oklahoma City to talk about the Crimson Tide, what has changed for the team and other storylines surrounding the event.

Windham opens by outlining what allowed Alabama to put its rollercoaster regular season behind it and heat up at the right time to reach Oklahoma City. We discuss the composition of the team and how they were able to sweep into Knoxville and upset the No. 3 seed in the tournament.

Alabama head coach Patrick Murphy has drawn a lot of criticism this season after finishing below .500 in conference play for the first time in his tenure leading the Crimson Tide. Despite criticism for pushing the right button at the right time for this team, Windham details how he was able to become the program’s most productive pitcher and the key to the Crimson Tide’s success in the circle this year. to replace.

The Oklahoma Sooners are not back in the WCWS for anyone, but there are discussions about the Sooners’ “home field advantage” in Oklahoma City. Should we consider moving the event to other cities?

Windham previews Alabama’s opening game on Thursday with the UCLA Bruins and highlights the strength of the PAC-12 program as they are one of the traditional powers in college softball. Can the Crimson Tide make a deep run in Oklahoma City?

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