Iowa teen receives amazing gift after tornadoes

Last week, Greenfield, Iowa experienced devastating weather in their city.

These deadly tornadoes killed five people, injured many others, destroyed homes and destroyed property. This central Iowa city will never look the same again, and residents will suffer for years to come.

While this situation is dire for many people, there is one high school student who decided to take a chance in hopes of replacing some of his favorite items that he lost during the storm.

Bradley Gebbie spoke to WHO13 and although he lost a lot in the wreck, so was he Real was disappointed with his golf clubs. He asked three of the biggest names in golf to help him and it looks like many golf companies will help him. Here was his interview that went viral on social media.

According to People, several of these brands responded, including Callaway who tweeted: “Happy to Help, Shoot us a DM.” Not only did Callaway reach out, but Hall of Famer Greg Norman responded to the video. LIV Golf said they were happy to help, Spark Golf and Golf Pride all asked Bradley to contact them.

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Not only will Callaway offer a full club upgrade, but it looks like plenty of other golf brands are jumping on board to try and upgrade Bradley’s golf equipment.

In the midst of one of the toughest moments of the spring, Bradley used his sense of humor, which was appreciated by fellow golfers and other golf brands. His interview has been viewed more than 1 million times and a full upgrade is coming his way.

Some commenters on the video have also said they want a chance to play with Bradley when he gets his new set of clubs.

If you would like to help other victims affected by the Greenfield tornadoes, you can visit this Donate The Salvation Army or this Go FundMe page.

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