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HAWAII, USA — When you picture Hawaii, you usually think of pristine beaches, majestic mountains and a laid-back island lifestyle. However, amid the vibrant mix of people and cultures in historic Chinatown lies a hidden gem that adds a new dimension to the island’s allure: the hip tiki bar known as Skull & Crown.

Rum lover Joseph Chiongalso the National Sales Manager for Tanduay, USA, aptly noted, “You haven’t truly experienced Hawaii until you’ve visited Skull & Crown. They set the standard, especially for tiki lovers. If you are in Honolulu and love tiki culture, Skull & Crown is a must visit to complete your trip. They are iconic in Hawaii.”

Property of Angelina Khan And Noa Laporga, Skull & Crown has become a beacon for rum lovers. Laporga, who is mainly of Hawaiian and Filipino descent, has emerged as a pivotal figure in the rum community, with his recommendations carrying significant weight among rum fanatics and drinkers.

“Everyone, especially rum lovers in Hawaii, trusts Laporga’s recommendations. Once he endorses a brand, it’s practically gospel. No one wonders. Laporga exerts significant influence in the rum trade,” Joseph explains.

Tanduay creates Tiki Magic in Hawaii with Skull Crown INSERT
(From left) Skull & Crown owners Angelina Khan and Noa Laporga with Tanduay USA’s National Sales Manager Joseph Chiong

With Skull & Crown’s dedication to showcasing the finest rums, including its critically acclaimed Tanduay Rum products, and Laporga’s unparalleled influence, this tiki haven continues to shape Honolulu’s cocktail scene. Whether you’re a seasoned rum connoisseur or an adventurous traveler looking for authentic island experiences, visiting Skull & Crown isn’t just an option; it’s a rite of passage, an essential part of immersing yourself in the vibrant spirit of Hawaii.

For Angelina and Noa, including Tanduay Rum in their cocktail menu was a logical choice, spurred by a chance meeting with Chiong. “Our collaboration with Tanduay started in 2019 when we opened Skull & Crown. Choosing Tanduay was an easy decision, especially after meeting Joseph, who truly embodies the essence of the brand!” said both owners of the establishment.

At the heart of Skull & Crown lies a commitment to providing customers with an unparalleled rum experience. With the largest rum collection in Hawaii, this tiki haven seamlessly integrates Tanduay into its repertoire, offering varieties like Tanduay Silver, Tanduay Gold and Tanduay Especia in signature cocktails like Good Fortune and Firecracker. What sets Tanduay apart, according to Khan and Laporga, is its cocktail-friendly character combined with an attractive price. With a rich heritage dating back to the early 19th century and an steadfast commitment to quality, Tanduay Rum is emerging as a must-try for discerning rum lovers.

Marc Ngo, Senior Brand Manager and International Business Development Manager of Tanduay Rum, said: “Tanduay appreciates Skull & Crown for being a great ambassador. We see their genuine passion for our products and their careful composition,” he said.

Looking ahead, both parties are poised to nurture and expand their partnership, with a shared vision to introduce Tanduay Rum’s exceptional products to a wider audience. “We hope to continue our fruitful collaboration and continue to share Tanduay Rum’s great products in Hawaii,” Marc added.

For Angelina and Noa, Skull & Crown represents more than just a bar; it embodies a passion for storytelling and a reverence for rum culture. “We believe that the best drinks have a story. We love sharing the rum culture and history behind the cocktails we serve. We will continue to integrate and promote Tanduay rum wherever possible,” they affirmed.

As the sun sets over Honolulu, casting a golden hue over the busy streets, one thing remains certain: the enduring partnership between Skull & Crown and Tanduay Rum is ready to stand the test of time, giving customers a taste of paradise to offer.

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