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For the second year in a row, Toradze Foundation, in collaboration with Smart Capital Group and its Georgian Chanting Foundation, presents one of the most important events in the Georgian music world: the Toradze International Music Festival. The festival is dedicated to the legendary Georgian composer David Toradze and his son, the famous pianist Alexander (Lexo) Toradze. A primary goal of the festival is to discover and support the new generation of Georgian musicians while promoting Georgian culture worldwide.

“We are honored to present the Toradze International Music Festival for the second time, because supporting the arts and popularizing Georgian culture is a core value and main direction for the Georgian Chanting Foundation. Sharing the cultural heritage that the legendary Toradze family left to Georgia and the entire music world is priceless. The long-standing friendship between the Toradze and Chkhartishvili families led to our collaboration, which has now become a cherished tradition, says Nana Gotua, founder of the Georgian Chanting Foundation.

The festival also collaborates with ESHVI, a company under the Smart Capital Group. This London-based jewelry company has been sponsoring the festival since last year, as supporting classical music is one of ESHVI’s most valued activities.

“This year, the Toradze International Music Festival is proud to host world-renowned musicians while showcasing Georgia’s rich cultural heritage. Our program is imbued with vibrant energy and promises an unforgettable celebration of music and talent. I am deeply grateful to our partner, Smart Capital Group, whose invaluable support has turned the Toradze International Music Festival from a dream into a reality.” says Nino Toradze, founder of the Toradze Foundation.

The festival officially opens on June 7 and runs until June 19. It covers four different locations and brings together musicians of different nationalities and generations. Throughout the program, classical music lovers will have the opportunity to listen to renowned international musicians such as Gabriel Prokofiev, grandson of the legendary Sergei Prokofiev, and piano virtuosos – Christian Blackshaw, Elisabeth Leonskaya, Sean Botkin, Svetlana Smolina and others. In addition to foreign musicians, prominent Georgian artists such as Edisher Savitski (Artistic Director of TIMF), Alexander Korsantia, Tamar Mikeladze, Nikoloz Rachveli, George Zagarelli and many more will be featured. The event presents a mix of classical and electronic music and introduces a new dimension to the Toradze Festival.

As one of the main objectives of the festival is to support the new generation, the activity will select outstanding students for a one-year scholarship. They are chosen through master classes in piano, oboe, cello and doubles. bass. In addition, scientists will be selected from the regular musicians of the Tbilisi Youth Orchestra.

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