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‘Sex’ gets a makeover. President Joe Biden’s administration has approved a new federal rule that redefines sex as “sexual orientation and gender identity,” separating biology from U.S. law. The rule endangers women and girls and destroys civil rights — but also gives Christians an opportunity to apply crucial ethical principles to public policy.

The new rule changes Title IX of the 1972 Education Amendments — which have guaranteed gender equality in education for more than 50 years — to now allow a man who says he “feels like a woman” to use women’s private spaces, including bathrooms and toilet areas. lockers. If he can’t do this, he can file a federal complaint.

This poses a clear danger to women. Whistleblowers have already uncovered examples of assaults in public school bathrooms and injuries to young women on sports fields when they competed against boys.

When it comes to civil rights and personal safety, believers must oppose the rule.

Christians also have ethical concerns, because redefining a word central to the order of creation has far-reaching consequences. God created humanity as male and female with unique differences, namely the ability to produce sperm or eggs. Deviations happen, but they don’t change the rule.

“Gender,” as the radical theorists will tell you, is an idea—something that “is not a stable identity in any way,” says theorist Judith Butler. Gender theorists say that any claim to biological difference is a form of oppressive power. In this way, gender challenges God’s Word and states that Genesis did not proclaim God’s authority, but merely made suggestions.

Ethically, this is a “normative” problem, and believers should ask themselves what God’s Word says about a specific moral question. The gender movement has simplified this equation for Christians by challenging Biblical authority. Following the Bible based on a ‘feeling’ solves the normative issue.

But scholarly insights into Christian ethics, especially the work of John Frame, include another dimension: believers should ask themselves, “What is our purpose for civil society?” How can we change the world to bring glory to God? To do this, Christ-followers can turn to state officials who are challenging the Biden administration’s rule in court.

A man who chooses to dress as a woman has no right to undress in front of a little girl.

Legal officials representing 26 states have filed a slew of lawsuits to stop the redefinition of sex in federal law. Attorneys general and governors have spoken out against the rule, citing administrative problems, violations of free speech, threats to women’s rights, and more. Education officials in states such as Louisiana and South Carolina have said teachers should not apply the new rule in elementary schools.

Believers must support these efforts. The Biden administration is challenging God’s created design, and God has not granted normative authority to the state. He allows civil powers to rule, even uses them for His purposes, but He does not give them the right to overthrow His Word – and therefore Christians must choose a situational response. Lawsuits to stop the rule are not vindictive actions, but are intended to protect vulnerable individuals. A man who chooses to dress as a woman has no right to undress in front of a little girl.

Data shows that many of these individuals struggle with issues underlying their “gender” choices, and for young people the confusion often clears up as they mature. Research shows that we don’t know enough about the long-term effects of puberty-blocking and hormone-altering drugs to say that the treatments are safe. A recent bombshell report from the English pediatrician said its use was built on a ‘shaky foundation’.

Thus, equating sex with gender is not an act of mercy toward fellow sinners. This is the answer of the third ethical component, the redemptive or existential side. Research shows that there is a surprising overlap between individuals who are confused about their gender and people with mental health problems. Not all “trans” people suffer from psychosis, but helping them with their symptoms of depression and anxiety, for example, are ways to show compassion. That is how we can redemptively demonstrate God’s love to sexually confused people.

We do not extend God’s love by encouraging them to undertake risky procedures, nor do we extend mercy by redefining His Word. The Biden administration’s rule is undermining God’s authority, and ethically, Christians have normative Biblical reasons to resist.

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