McDonald’s CEO Targets $17 Big Mac Bought in Connecticut

“I can tell you that it frustrates and concerns me, and many of our franchisees, when I hear of an $18 Big Mac meal being sold – even if it was at one U.S. location out of more than 13,700 ” said McDonald’s President Joe. Erlinger wrote in a post on the company’s website this week.

That “one location” was a rest stop on I-95 in Darien, where a viral TikTok post showed a user buying a Big Mac Meal for $16.89. On February 23, the Big Mac combo meal cost $17.59 on the McDonald’s app.

Erlinger said the high price tag was an aberration, calling the claim that prices have doubled since 2019 “inaccurate,” due to “viral social posts and poorly sourced reports.”

“More worrying, however, is when people believe this is the rule and not the exception, or when people start suggesting that Big Mac prices have risen 100 percent since 2019,” he wrote.

“The average price of a Big Mac in the US was $4.39 in 2019,” he wrote, and has since risen to $5.29. followed,” an increase of 21 percent.

According to the website, which is not affiliated with the restaurant chain but does track McDonald’s locations and menu prices, the average price of a Big Mac Meal as of May 30 was $8.64, with the most expensive location in Massachusetts, where the meal costs $11.79

Big Macs aren’t the only McDonald’s sandwich that social media users claim are more expensive in Connecticut. In January, a post on

McDonald’s CEO Chris Kempczinski said during an earnings call in February that the company would adjust prices.

“The battleground certainly lies with those consumers with a low income. And I think what you’re going to see as you go into 2024 is probably more of a focus on what I would describe as affordability,” Kempczinski said, according to a transcript of the call. .

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