Michigan Man Driving With Suspended License, Caught Live During Court Hearing, Jailed | Watch

Driving without a driver’s license is a violation of traffic law worldwide. But what if someone’s driver’s license is suspended and yet they are caught driving while a court hearing is shown live on camera?

According to CBSThis happened in Michigan, the United States, where a man who appeared virtually at a court hearing in Washtenaw County was caught actively driving under a suspended license.

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According to the report, the incident occurred on May 15, when Judge J. Cedric Simpson was hearing a case against 44-year-old Corey Harris, who was scheduled to attend the hearing on charges stemming from a previous arrest in Pittsfield Township.

The video showed Harris present at the hearing and behind the wheel of a moving car. Not only was Harris driving under a suspended driver’s license, but they also violated Michigan law, which prohibits the use of cell phones and other electronic devices while driving.

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While watching Harris on a Zoom call, Judge Simpson immediately asked Harris if he was driving.

To which Harris responded, as the CBS video quoted, “Actually, I’m actually driving to my doctor’s office, so just give me a minute. I’m parking right now.”

Surprised by Harris driving the car, Judge Simpson said, “Wow.” Then he said, “So maybe I don’t understand something. This is driving while license suspended (case)… and he was just driving, and he didn’t have a license?”

Harris remained on camera at the time and showed the entire courtroom that he was driving without a valid driver’s license.

“I don’t even know why he would do that,” Simpson said. “So the defendant’s bail is revoked in this case. The defendant is scheduled to turn himself in at the Washtenaw County Jail today at 6 p.m. Failure to turn himself in will result in a warrant without bond.”

After this, Harris could be heard saying, “Oh my god.”

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At last report, Harris was released two days later and will now appear in court again on June 5, the report said.

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