Country Singer Brian Kelley Breaks His Silence on ‘Florida Georgia Line’ Breakup

Florida Georgia Line was an American music duo formed by Tyler Hubbard from Georgia and Brian Kelley from Florida in 2010

Country singer Brian Kelley is breaking his silence on the breakup of Florida Georgia Line
Country Singer Brian Kelley Breaks His Silence on ‘Florida Georgia Line’ Breakup

Florida Georgia LineBrian Kelly’s breakup was as unexpected as it was for fans, and the country singer didn’t consider breaking up when he went solo.

On Friday, May 30 during a performance at John and Tammy: San Diego’s Morning Show, Kelly revealed that he and his partner Tyler Hubbard had opposing ideas about pursuing work with other outlets.

Kelly told the host, “The core of where I came from was keeping everything the same and staying together and interweaving our solo stuff as well.”

“Personally, I didn’t see a need for a break or a reason to stop. Unfortunately, we couldn’t really get on the same page on what that looked like – we’re both chasing different dreams, but you never know how it can come back” , he added.

The country singer praised Hubbard’s solo efforts, saying, “He’s crushing it. I’m happy for him and I expect him to do well.”

Kelley continued, “I am forever grateful to our fans and I love them dearly. When I still hear our songs on the radio, I am just very grateful from the bottom of my heart.”

The duo last performed together in September 2022, at the Minnesota State Fair, but the Florida Georgia Line split rumors broke before their final show.

However, Hubbard told it PEOPLE magazine that they are just “taking a break” and not breaking up.

Later, Hubbard announced their breakup, stating that Kelly initiated their split. He also said that there is no animosity between them.

For those unfamiliar, Hubbard and Kelley laid the foundation for the Florida Georgia Line in 2010.

They released their first debut single Cruising in 2012, which broke records.

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