What’s your favorite place to cool off near Danbury? (QUESTIONNAIRE)

DANBURY, CT – Summer is just around the corner and temperatures are rising. You know what that means: it’s time to find the best places to relax and beat the heat. From serene lakes to sparkling pools, we want to know: where do you go to cool off?

Whether you’re a fan of splashing in the water, lounging by the pool or discovering hidden gems off the beaten path, Danbury and the surrounding areas have plenty to offer. But with so many options, we need your help to find the absolute best!


Do you have a favorite beach where you can dip your toes in the sand and wash your cares away with the tide? Candlewood Lake, anyone? With its scenic views and inviting waters, it’s no wonder this local favorite is a go-to spot for many. But maybe you have a secret swimming spot that’s even better. Let us know in the survey below.

Or perhaps you prefer the convenience and enjoyment of a community pool. Danbury’s own Lake Kenosia Park is a staple of family fun, with its refreshing waters and plenty of room for a picnic. Is this your first choice, or is there another pool that will impress you and your family more?

And let’s not forget those hidden treasures. Have you found a serene stream or a picturesque, shady park that is perfect for an afternoon of cooling off and relaxing? Sometimes the best places are hidden from the hustle and bustle and offer a bit of peace and quiet amid the summer sun.

We want to hear from you, Danbury! Share your top recommendations for the best places to cool off this summer. Tell us what makes it special and why it’s your go-to destination when the mercury rises.

Your input can help fellow residents discover new places where they can enjoy and make the most of their summer days. Plus, you’ll get the chance to see if your favorite spot is also a community favorite.

So what are you waiting for? Jump into the conversation and let us know where you like to relax. Submit your suggestions and let’s create the ultimate guide to beating the heat in and around Danbury.

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