Darius Rush has no regrets about leaving Kansas City Chief, calls his stint with Pittsburgh Steelers more valuable

Darius Rush’s journey to the NFL is a story of resilience and determination. Rush was selected in the fifth round of the 2023 NFL Draft by the Indianapolis Colts and faced early setbacks when he was waived during the preseason roster cuts. However, his determination never wavered, and he was soon picked up by the Kansas City Chiefs, only to be put on their practice squad shortly after.

The turning point came when the Pittsburgh Steelers offered him a spot amid a series of secondary injuries. The decision to switch teams meant giving up a potential Super Bowl ring with Kansas City, but for Rush it was about seizing his opportunity to actively play in the league.

Darius Rush: Charting a new path in the NFLDarius Rush: Charting a new path in the NFL
No regrets: Darius Rush reflects on his decision to pursue active play via a Super Bowl ring.

Darius Rush’s tough decision with no regrets

Darius Rush’s NFL career was anything but easy. After being waived by two teams in quick succession, he found a new beginning with the Pittsburgh Steelers. When asked about his decision to leave Kansas City’s practice squad, Rush showed pragmatic optimism. “Definitely and absolutely congratulations to these guys,” he shared with Steelers reporter Mike Prisuta. “One day I’ll earn mine.”

For Rush, the chance to join an active 53-man roster and contribute on the field was a more immediate and valuable goal than a Super Bowl ring earned off the field. His stint with the Steelers, while short, was significant. He appeared in three games, appearing in 39 defensive snaps and 17 on special teams, collecting three tackles on the season. It was a humble start, but for Rush it meant much more. “I’m a guy who came in the middle of the season,” Rush explained. “(Head coach Mike Tomlin) said, ‘You gotta jump on a moving train.’ They gave me a very small list (of defensive actions) to learn. I just had to make sure I executed it to the best of my ability.”

Darius Rush: Charting a new path in the NFLDarius Rush: Charting a new path in the NFL
Rising from adversity: Darius Rush’s unwavering journey from the NFL Draft to the Steelers.

Looking ahead: opportunities and expectations

As the new season approaches, Rush is gearing up for another opportunity to secure his place on the team. The experiences of the previous year, including a nearly game-winning interception drop against the Tennessee Titans in Week 9, only fueled his ambition. “There is always a role, you just have to earn it,” he said confidently. Whether you’re a cornerback, nickel or special teams player, Rush is ready to compete every day.

This determination to improve and take advantage of every opportunity reflects the ethos shared by many players in the NFL, especially players like Rush, who have had to navigate a more challenging path to professional football. While he may have missed out on a Super Bowl ring, his focus remains on the long-term possibilities of his career – proving that sometimes the journey itself can be just as rewarding as the destination.

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