Expert Gives Eye-Catching Appreciation of Hailey Bieber’s New Ring

Hailey Bieber’s new diamond ring is said to be worth NZD$2.2 million.

The model, 27, announced in an Instagram post on May 9 that she was expecting her first child with 30-year-old singer Justin Bieber. She also revealed that they had the vow ceremony in Hawaii and revealed earlier this week that she did too. was given a new sparkler to mark the occasion which is believed to have been a gift from her partner.

It appears she has moved her original $979,000 engagement ring to the little finger of her other hand, and gemologist Tenishia McSweeney of Prestige Pawnbrokers – featured on Channel 4’s Posh Pawn show – told Mail Online that her new band will cost around $2,000. is worth 2 million.

She said: “Assuming Justin went for the best color and clarity levels, which is not an exaggeration considering her previous engagement ring, which is beautiful in itself and is now worn on her pinky finger, now appears more yellow in comparison, and to size which appears to be around 10 carats you would be looking at at least $2.2 million.

In addition to her new ring, Hailey was also seen wearing an eternity wedding band that matched her husband Justin’s band.

Luxury jeweler Tiffany has revealed that they created the couple’s Forever bracelets, which feature a full circle of diamonds.

Lorel Diamonds’ Laura Taylor — who hasn’t worked on any of Bieber’s rings — told Page Six Style that there could be a practical reason for Hailey’s ring swap.

She said: “Hailey’s pregnancy will cause her fingers to swell, meaning her original engagement ring will feel tight on her finger.

“As a temporary measure, she transferred it to her little finger on the other side, where it will fit better during the last months of her pregnancy.

“The new ring is almost identical to her original engagement ring in terms of the four-prong setting, a style Hailey is a fan of, although the elongated oval-cut diamond is considerably larger at approximately 18 carats.”

The expert also valued Hailey’s new sparkler at more than $1 million — a bill that would barely dent the couple’s combined fortune of about $285 million.

Hailey’s ring update has sparked fan speculation that it was her way of revealing she’s expecting a girl, with her photos also showing off her fresh pink cherry blossom manicure.

She captioned the post: “Little cherry blossoms on my nails, little cherry blossoms in my stomach (shells and pink flower emojis).”

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