Black Labrador can’t stop ‘cuddling’ mom during the car ride home after adoption

When you have a special dog by your side, even the smallest moments can be magical. Whether it’s cuddling in bed, walking in the sun or taking a car ride, the joy of a four-legged friend can make it unforgettable. Just ask Seiko’s new mom!

This rescued Labrador Retriever came home from the Idaho Humane Society on May 3 and he has already stolen the hearts of his mother, father and all their friends. But the most heartwarming moment between Seiko and his mother took place in the car, just moments after he was adopted from the shelter. He couldn’t stop hugging his mother!

Aww, pass the tissues, please! This is the sweetest reaction a rescue dog can have after being adopted, and I’m sure it gave the new dog mom all the reassurance she needed that she chose the right dog. From the looks of it, these two seem meant for each other!

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“I wouldn’t have been able to drive. I would have been sobbing for about two hours,” said @kaaylaani. I feel the same way! This is such a sweet thing for a dog to do at any time, but the fact that he was just rescued proves how grateful and loving he really is.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Seiko is already doing well in its forever home. He has made so many new friends and is already working on his obedience training! The hope is that he will eventually become a service dog, and these are the first few essential steps. However, he is so attached to his mother that he will have a wonderful life ahead of him no matter what. And it all started when he gave his new mom the best hug she’s probably ever had!

Adopt an affectionate dog

After watching this video, it’s hard to say who is luckier: Seiko or his parents! It is clear that he feels safe with his adopters, and he reciprocates his gratitude with affection and cuddles. However, it’s worth noting that not all rescue dogs will be so cuddly once they’re adopted.

In fact, it’s normal for a rescue dog to not behave like himself during the first few weeks at home. As the 3-3-3 rule indicates, it can take up to three days before an animal begins to feel safe at home. By the time of three weeks they will have mastered the daily routines, and by the time three months have passed they should begin to show their true colors. However, for some dogs like Seiko, it takes no time at all!

While this sweet rescue pup’s direct bond with his mother isn’t the norm, it makes this moment even more special. Happy tails, Seiko and family!!

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