Louisiana becomes the first state to ban the retail sale of nitrous oxide

BATON ROUGE, La. (WVUE) – Louisiana Governor Jeff Landry signed a new measure Tuesday (May 28) to regulate the sale of nitrous oxide, following a series of Fox 8 reports.

The legislation, inspired by Fox 8’s Supplying a High stories, bans retail sales of the potentially deadly gas.

Governor Landry was joined at the signing ceremony by the bill’s author, Representative Joe Stagni, and families affected by nitrous oxide abuse.

The new law bans the sale of nitrous oxide in shops, increases penalties and fines for offenders and gives the Alcohol and Tobacco Control (ATC) more powers to enforce these rules. The measure aims to tackle the increasing use of laughing gas, especially among young people.

Nitrous oxide, intended for use in dental practices and in making whipped cream, is increasingly being abused as a recreational drug.

“This is a public safety law that we hope will further protect children so that parents are not inconvenienced. One way to help them is to ensure that the opportunity to ingest these substances is limited,” said Governor Landry.


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